Moves For Heroes 

Knoxville Movers Hero Program

Discounted labor and moving services for heroes


Everyday heroes have a special place in our heart at Caughron Movers. On top of being the owner of four local business', I am a father of two,  part time firefighter, and volunteer for a couple other local agencies and departments. 

I started my first companies Caughron Movers & The Moving Boys Labor Service, Knoxville moving companies,  11 years ago in March of 2006. Before becoming a business owner I was working as an insurance agent using sales "tactics" I didn't agree with to make a buck.  I have always had a servant's heart and the tactics I was using to make a sale didn't settle well with me. Long story short; I was always "that guy" with a truck, trailer and the ability to lift stuff so I started moving people to see if I could make any money at it and help folks in their time of need. Three months later I moved on from insurance and have been successful ever since.  Our success has been largely due to our huge emphasis on customer service, integrity and family values. Everyone is treated like family and as moving is never easy, we do our best to alleviate as much of the "moving pains" as possible.  I was 24, my first business up and running but something was missing from my puzzle.


Another piece of my puzzle fell into place when at age 29 I joined the Blount County Rescue Squad as a First Responder as well as the Blount County Fire Department.  In my short career with these departments I have been trained as an officer and a supervisor which has changed my life in many ways and gave me insight on how I run my businesses.  We keep safety for both the crews and the clients as the number one priority. This path has taught me that anyone who wears a uniform to serve and protect others is not paid enough for the job they do day in and day out. Therefore, I currently offer part time employment to many who are EMS, FIRE, LEOS as well as National Guard members.  This does two things for our company; 1. It provides these men with additional income on their days off to make ends meet. 2.  As a first responder we maintain a sense of calm in a high stress environment, which moving most definitely is, so we can keep a stressful situation much more organized.  It goes without saying that moving is stressful and when the move becomes stressful for our clients or plans change we are able to take control and/or change direction when needed to keep focus on the job at hand. Our clients recognize this and are satisfied knowing they can stay on track and relax while letting us complete their move.


 To step it up a bit this year I decided to take the company and my guys a step higher with helping "Heroes."  I have been called a hero myself before and to me, it was just part of my duty and training. But why not help others like me?  A part time or volunteer in my role in first response, we work these jobs full time for medium pay. Or as military personnel who doesn't have much say in where they go or fight for our freedom, they are more heroes than I will ever be.  So at age 35 to serve those who serve us,  I began offering part time employment to those needing a little extra and joined my companies with a program to help move our "Heroes."  We offer their move at a lower rate as it's the least we can do, when they give their all for us. It's that simple, do for others with the abilities you have been blessed with. We help people, we move and serve people,  we are making moving great again!


Heroes Program

We are the "Homes For Heroes" moving company for the Knoxville Tn Region. We offer a discounted labor rate of:

 $60.00 per hour for 2 men

 $85.00 per hour for 3 men

 $90.00 per hour for 4 men


We have the "Moves for Heroes" program due to help more heroes, not just those currently buying or selling a home.  Our "Heroes" qualification are if you are currently or retired:


Law Enforcement






Health Care


Tow truck Operators.